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Modern Kitchen Trends we love right now!

Your worn and tired old kitchen...ugh. It's time to give it a new fresh updated look but with so many options out there what do you do? These are some of the current trends for modern kitchens we absolutely love right now!

1. Shelves instead of cabinets. Sounds odd right? With today's sleek and stylish dishes this is a great way display them. With the right dishes this trend is not only aesthetically pleasing, but super functional. Just make sure you stick to the same type and style of dishes and remember simplistic dish style is the key. If you take everything out of your cabinets and mix and match you could look like an unorganized disaster.

Shelving done right in a modern kitchen.

2. Flat panel doors. Years ago the raised panel profiled door was the way to go. In today's modern kitchen, we are loving the frameless full overlay flat panel door. Again, simple is the key to this one! Less ornamentation and make the finishes be your "WOW" factor. You can mix and match colors and wood tones. For example, you can use a wood tone on the island and painted cabinets on the perimeter. You can also add some sleek hardware to up your interest factor.

3. Sleek hardware. Our favorite is flat tubular stainless pulls. Larger hardware that runs the full width of the doors helps to add a stylistic flair, yet keeps the modern feel. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add some personal detailing to your new kitchen.

4. Natural Materials. This is probably our favorite trend! Today's modern kitchen can be the ultimate in elegance when using different natural materials. Think about combining different wood species, for example a rosewood, teak or African walnut and integrating it with a natural granite countertop. The veining in natural stone and the horizontal or vertical gain in your wood can be your ultimate showpiece.

White Calcutta Marble's veining adds immediate interest you can get tones of silver and gold throughout the slab.

I wish you the best in your journey to your modern kitchen. Let me know at if I can provide you with addtional information. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog.

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